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Terms & Conditions

​Consistency is a critical element for therapy to be successful.   Regular attendance at a
scheduled regular appointment is necessary for a consistent process (either weekly, bi-weekly,

etc.).   Scheduled time slots are a designated time and space for clients in need.   A missed session is an

absence that occurs due to flagrantly missing an appointment (i.e., forgetting,

mistaking the appointment date and/or time, consciously making the decision to not attend, or

failure to provide any notice at all).  Fees will be charged for appointments that are

missed as described above or not cancelled within 24-hours prior to the scheduled time.   I am not 

allowed to bill insurance for missed sessions.    If you are not using insurance and are

subsidizing the cost of therapy, the agreed upon rate for each session will be charged to you.

Payment is expected at the time
services are rendered unless arrangements have been
made with me in advance.    My biller will submit insurance claims for clinical therapy sessions.   I do 

ask that you please check the coverage of your plan to obtain information regarding co-pays,

co-insurance, and on limits.   The identified client or legal guardian is responsible
for all charges not covered by insurance.

Session length can range from 53-60 minutes.   I am flexible in that some clients need a few minutes

extra and some a few minutes less.    Initial, sessions are used to facilitate rapport building, identifying

problematic issues / struggles, and gathering some diagnostic & historical information as well.  
This is a foundational piece for also identifying objectives, goals, and learning how I can support you best.  

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